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Steam in York 1st & 2nd September 2011
6201 Princess Elizabeth Low

This week's photoblog features big steam from BR and LMS.

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Squue for Princess Elizabeth there! Two weeks time, and I have some trains in the offing; quite looking forward to the Deltics on the NYMR. Wish old blue_condition was still around to appreciate them.

Also, you might know - what was the steam-hauled train I saw briefly outside Leeds on the way to Donny last Tuesday morning? The loco (in BR black) looked like a Mickey Mouse or maybe the only surviving 4MT from the half-a-second or so's glimpse I got, but wouldn't one of those be a bit underpowered?

Probably the Black 5 that's been on the Scarborough Flyer over the Summer. Leander has been adding some authentic Jubilee action to the transpennine Scarborough trips but she's back in crimson lake these days. (Shameless hussy)

Was up at Shildon a fortnight ago (and at NRM York the day before), and they were plugging the Deltic day (all seven survivors) that's on next month (8-9th October).

Very sad that I won't be able to make it up for that...

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